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When it comes to your education, we mean business.  Our experienced staff can provide a quality education as well as hands on instruction that will enable students to get a jump-start in their careers in the beauty industry. Whether you would like to work as a hairstylist, esthetician, or manicurist - you've come to the right place for help. Get the top-notch education you need to work in an industry where creativity is rewarded. Contact our friendly staff to receive answers to your questions about attending Alabama Beauty College. Student to education ratios are always kept low to ensure you'll receive personal attention. Tuition financing is available.

Babette O'Shea is a second generation professional Cosmetologist & Instructor with 42 years' experience. She is inspired, energized & motivated to give you a great beginning in a beautiful career. Her objective is to instruct each person as an individual. She strongly believes that education & continuous improvements are vital for success in our industry.

Babette O'Shea, Owner

Shawn McManus, Senior Instructor

With 17 years as a licensed technician and over 10 as a licensed instructor, Shawn began his career at Alabama Beauty College of Cosmetology in 1985. There is a running joke that he has been in the salon that long, being that Babette is his mother and he has been raised around the industry. Shawn specializes in color, cuts and texture services.


"As a 3rd generation owner/instructor, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure each student a quality education and each client with satisfactory services." - Shawn McManus

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Adriana Sandlin McManus , Educational Director

With 4 years experience performing hair services, Adriana (always wanting to become a teacher) became an instructor.  She has been a instructor with us for 2 years.